I have never willingly had a Capital One Card, and I never will

Yet fb keeps putting those so and so likes ads on my feed. I couldn’t get to sleep so I started reading the thousands of replies to that post. I am thrilled to say roughly 90% of the replies were do NOT get this or any other credit card, but especially not this one. DR was mentioned, often with a link to his website numerous times, along with his photo.

I bet that was not what Capital One had in mind when they signed up with fb.

Then there was this one post that I fell in love with “A three-inch piece of plastic can sure dig a hell of a hole…”

So this week passed with dh finally getting out of the hospital

That was well worth a shout of glee. I ran the numbers and my staying with dh only cost us $15.73 per day on average. Far cheaper than driving back and forth would have been.

When I worked on the budget yesterday I discovered that our ss cost of living raise was on our Dec checks. We hadn’t expected it until January. That was a pleasant surprise.

Dh got out of the hospital on 12/31 and the doctor visits are follow ups so we should be just paying 1 year of deductible instead of 2 right now.

Dh’s PTO ran out last week, but his employer called and reminded him he had been paying for short term disability and would qualify for it after 15 days. That will be the 7th. We started filing the paperwork today.

Because Dr J says it will be a MINIMUM of 9 more days before dh will be released to go back to work, probably longer. The office is pushing the paperwork through for us.

So I know I have to put the max into an IRA

contribution for 2014 so that I can avoid paying $2300 in taxes to the Feds. But since I have until April to make contributions, why WOULDN’T I want to put as much as I can under DH’s name thus lowering our tax liability even further, increasing our “refund”, which really means it will pay off/toward our old 2010 Fed Tax Bill?

I could keep it in the MMA (his) until April 1 as a part of the FFEF, then write a check to fund his traditional IRA.

Lightbulb on or burned out?

Even if we don’t do it this year, I’m thinking I’m going to be needing to do it going forward. We just won’t have any other way to lower our taxable income than making max contributions to an IRA unless he works somewhere that lets him put more than $13000 in a 401k.

Car loan question for a friend

I have a friend I have been helping learn the Dave plan. She is debt free except her car including her paid off house. Her car is pretty newish 0% interest till paid off with only 14 payments left. She has her baby emergency fund and is a single mother. Do you think she should keep the small efund and pay off the car ? Or fund the full emergency fund and keep making the payments ? Paying the car off early saves no money. As a mom myself I lean toward the bigger efund. Opinions ?

I love your bright spot in the middle of

all the chaos! We had a similar billing glitch about 26 years ago with dd that would have cost us in the 10’s of $1,000’s of dollars. Fortunately God blessed us with an unexpected discharge before surgery …. only so this glitch could be discovered. We were so thankful that the surgery was delayed about a week for it to be figured out with no detriment to dd. Tell your dh we are all cheering him on to better health this year …. and for you to be able to get some sleep!

Last week was seeing the faint whispers of

a normal life return to the Patterson household. Yesterday morning dawned with dh feeling better than he had in weeks and looking forward to going back to work this Thursday.

That lasted right up until about noon when severe pain in his back and nausea started. It got worse all day long and by 9 we were headed for er.

6 hours in er later they finally gave him pain meds. 6 hours after that he was admitted to a room. Shortly after that he was wheeled out for surgery for a lodged 5 mm kidney stone.

That was 1.5 hours ago, I am told it will be at least another hour before he is back in the room. It has been a long 24 hours.

Wait for it, here it comes, my Pollyana bright spot in all of this. While admitting him last night I accidentally discovered that they did not have his medicare card on file, which means medicare had not been billed for last month’s 8 day stay. How is this a bright spot you ask.

I caught it before we had been billed, so I notified the business office and they are now re billing blue cross for more money, and will also bill medicare and the nearly $4000 we were going to owe will drop in half or less. That is a huge bright spot.