Monthly Archives: April 2015

So I know I have to put the max into an IRA

contribution for 2014 so that I can avoid paying $2300 in taxes to the Feds. But since I have until April to make contributions, why WOULDN’T I want to put as much as I can under DH’s name thus lowering our tax liability even further, increasing our “refund”, which really means it will pay off/toward our old 2010 Fed Tax Bill?

I could keep it in the MMA (his) until April 1 as a part of the FFEF, then write a check to fund his traditional IRA.

Lightbulb on or burned out?

Even if we don’t do it this year, I’m thinking I’m going to be needing to do it going forward. We just won’t have any other way to lower our taxable income than making max contributions to an IRA unless he works somewhere that lets him put more than $13000 in a 401k.