Monthly Archives: May 2015

So this week passed with dh finally getting out of the hospital

That was well worth a shout of glee. I ran the numbers and my staying with dh only cost us $15.73 per day on average. Far cheaper than driving back and forth would have been.

When I worked on the budget yesterday I discovered that our ss cost of living raise was on our Dec checks. We hadn’t expected it until January. That was a pleasant surprise.

Dh got out of the hospital on 12/31 and the doctor visits are follow ups so we should be just paying 1 year of deductible instead of 2 right now.

Dh’s PTO ran out last week, but his employer called and reminded him he had been paying for short term disability and would qualify for it after 15 days. That will be the 7th. We started filing the paperwork today.

Because Dr J says it will be a MINIMUM of 9 more days before dh will be released to go back to work, probably longer. The office is pushing the paperwork through for us.