Monthly Archives: November 2016

I think you could go either way on the roof

If it is too much stress to have the roof done, then don’t do it. You might want to get some estimates on what it would take to replace it. That way you know how much to allow for having the roof done when you start negotiations with prospective buyers. You’ll want to discuss this with our agent as well to let him/her know that you’ll not redo the roof.

The kinds of things you’re talking about doing are the kinds of things we did to our old house. Our roof had been completely redone in 2008 after Hurricane Gustav. We had just put in energy efficient windows earlier in the summer before we decided to list it. It didn’t necessarily add anything to the list price but it was definately a selling feature.

Definitely selling next year

We had our son evaluated on Feb 1st by a Trauma Assessment Center and we went today for the report reading…yeah it took a LONG time to get that report written and shared with us. We go back in 10 days to find out what medication is recommended.

On our way home on the one hour drive we discussed the plan for the house. We are planning to get the small projects done around the house (touch-up the paint, trim, finish some flooring projects, etc) but nothing huge. Finish cleaning out the basement and garage.

We don’t want to get into any huge projects in order to sell this house. But we do know the roof needs to be redone. Would it be better to just do it or simply be willing to take that money off the bottom line of the house price?

I finally feel like my husband and I are on the same page with the house. To sell next year. I feel better because of that….thanks for all your help ya’ll!