Monthly Archives: January 2017

I’m glad you asked that question too

I have tried to set up multiple times to automatically take $25 from one account to the perkstreet account and it will not set it up. I have not tried the app, now I don’t think I will. I have only had my account for about a month if that long. I liked the idea of perkstreet and having another account so I couldn’t gain access to it so fast, but when I cant make regular deposits it doesn’t help to save money.

Our airconditioning actually broke down the morning of our closing

Unbelievable. We did tell the buyers and told them they could walk away from the sale or we’d split the price of a new ac unit with them. In good conscience we could not go through with the closing not having been upfront with them. It still stunk, especially since we’d had the house on the market for a couple of years.

As for Jolene’s roofing situation, I think this is a good question to pose to the realtors she’s interviewing for the listing of her home. I think she should ask each of them what they suggest she and her husband should do in preparation for getting their home on the market. This way they’ll know exactly what’s on their plates and they’ll have a consensus from a few realtor pros who will have the right knowledge to guide them in this decision.