Last week was seeing the faint whispers of

a normal life return to the Patterson household. Yesterday morning dawned with dh feeling better than he had in weeks and looking forward to going back to work this Thursday.

That lasted right up until about noon when severe pain in his back and nausea started. It got worse all day long and by 9 we were headed for er.

6 hours in er later they finally gave him pain meds. 6 hours after that he was admitted to a room. Shortly after that he was wheeled out for surgery for a lodged 5 mm kidney stone.

That was 1.5 hours ago, I am told it will be at least another hour before he is back in the room. It has been a long 24 hours.

Wait for it, here it comes, my Pollyana bright spot in all of this. While admitting him last night I accidentally discovered that they did not have his medicare card on file, which means medicare had not been billed for last month’s 8 day stay. How is this a bright spot you ask.

I caught it before we had been billed, so I notified the business office and they are now re billing blue cross for more money, and will also bill medicare and the nearly $4000 we were going to owe will drop in half or less. That is a huge bright spot.