So I am just in love with that Ultimate Dehydrator book

by Tammy Gangloff that I blogged about ( It inspired me, so since I read through it I have been dehydrating up a storm.

I’ve made a conscious effort to dehydrate my (get ready, drum roll please…) LEFTOVERS !!

Eeww…you’re probably saying. But take leftover sides, like vegetables and mash potatoes. You likely have decent folk in your house who know how to dish up left overs and reheat them in a microwave. My family won’t. So in the past, they have sat in the fridge, wasting away. Not anymore.

I threw the veggies on the dehydrator tray and voila! A half quart of dehydrated mixed vegs. Spread out the mashed potatoes on the tray. About 3/4 of a quart of mashed potato “bark”. Last night I made roasted butternut squash soup with the specific intent to dehydrate the leftovers rather than freeze or fridge them. This morning I have (video later on the blog) what looks like butternut squash soup leather . It will get packed up into mason jars as well.

So I’m pretty excited to have put in to motion a method which results in not wasting food or money, and adds to my food stores at no extra cost, saving me money in the long run.